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June 28 2016

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Why Dr. Lane Sebring Is Unrivaled In Natural Healing

A man of firsts and wins, Dr. Lane Sebring showed his traits back when he was only ten. As a young wrestler, he never lost throughout college. His Air Force base in Korea was a chance for him to learn judo and maintain a winning streak. Now a physician, the University of Texas M.D and bachelors in biology degree graduate is popular for his in-depth knowledge of nutrition and health, and has used it to restore hope to patients who find no help in other medications.

A New Beginning

Dr. Sebring had been working in private practice for some years before he realized that there was a big gap in the medical profession. His initiative spirit reawakened, he began attending a series of nutrition conferences. He eventually brought home a heap of knowledge in healing through nutritional ways. The practical man that he is, he immediately set out to fill the gap by providing natural treatment for most common diseases.

Paleo Diet Treatment

One day in 1998, Dr. Lane Sebring joined other attendees to listen to a lecture by Loren Cordain. However, he went home with the biggest share of the knowledge dispensed at the lecture: the power of the Paleo Diet in healing. It was time for him to effect a change in his medical practice.

As the founder and director at Sebring Clinic, he dedicated his treatment procedure to the traditional diet. Coupling it with his long experience as a medical professional, he has helped many treatments get rid of diseases through treatment or reversal. His vast knowledge in nutrition has always come in handy in getting his patients off drug medication on their path to better health through natural treatment.

Anti-Aging and Regenerative Treatment

Most people have an unnatural way of aging because they don't respect the original design of the human body. At Sebring Clinic, patients are advised about the use of natural methods to ensure that their bodies follow the original pattern of aging. Under the watch of Dr. Sebring, the highly qualified and experienced members of staff teach patients about the behavior of diseases and how to get off their path. The services at the clinic also include IV nutritional therapy, X-ray and laboratory.

Dr. Sebring is the developer of Paleo Pharmacy which is based on the nutritional and herbal healing benefits of Paleo -- a way of treatment has proved its potency in 16 years of use. In addition, he sits at the 25,000-members strong board of American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine as an examiner. He is also the Patriot Power Greens developer. In line with his winning streak, Dr. Sebring's prowess in natural means of healing stands unbeaten.
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